Peer support thru SOUL

( Start, Ongoing, Unlock, Lessons learned )

Start = priority for epidemic/pandemic beginning

Ongoing = priority during epidemic/pandemic

Unlock = priority at the end of the epidemic/pandemic

Lessons learned = for 2nd wave or for other epidemic/pandemic outbreaks (e.g. influenza)

Aim: Peer support for graduate nurses (MScN) to bundle tips, topics and thoughts on COVID-19/SARS-Cov-2.

Contributors: In a first step VFP/APSI members with at least MScN degrees (if successful extend to other groups).

Language: Preferably English (but German and French possible as well)

Let's start! Click a box, read the entries and then add your own info if neccessary.

Start Ongoing Unlock Lessons learned
COVID-19 research questions
Practice partners
International collaborators
Foreign national staff

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